Audi license plate lights not working

Based on the popularity of my LED Interior Lighting post, and by popular request in the comments section, I decided to write another guide for LED License plate bulbs on a B7 Audi A4, S4 and RS4. They definitely look awesome, and are a relatively cheap mod at ~$30 total. The trouble with this mod is … One of the license plate light bulbs died, so I replaced both and the lights are back on. Great! Shouldn't the bulb warning light on the dash go away by itself? It's 3 days now and the bulb warning is still on, despite all lights working normally again. _____ They’re the kind of cars you can treat yourself to as a reward for hard work, or perhaps as an indulgence. If you’re fortunate to shop for a car like this, it can be mighty hard to choose between the two. Here’s a CarMax comparison to help, whether you’re searching for a used Audi or a used Cadillac for sale. Well, car is done but I have an small issue, my license plate lights are not working and I cant figure out why. I haven't chased the wires all the way from the light to the source but is there any special areas I should try and have a look? Looking for a scan tool for your VW or Audi model? For many years your options for a viable scan tool were limited to exceptionally expensive scanners to properly access your data. Then came along some more affordable scan tool cables that were $250-$350, or cheap knock offs that were not likely to work.