Google fit rest api get steps

The Google Fit Step Counter Android Sample Code by Google presents how to interact with the API. With the API, users can count the steps they walk for fitness monitoring purposes. Feb 19, 2015 · You should now be ready to interact wtih the REST API, so let’s begin experimenting with some HTTP calls. Taking Google Fit APIs for a spin. Using the Google REST API as a guide, we can start using some of the listed methods to make a call. Other Android Devices and Services (Chromecast, Google Fit etc) Google Fit Forum Google Fit Sensors / Recording vs History ... We may use the rest api to process requests for daily steps via a ... I haven't made an API post to the Google Fit API yet to understand how it accepts day step counts but they are significantly different which doesn't seem right. Further to that, the activities I manually record either don't end up in Google Fit, or they do but they are very wrong.