Hypeauditor api

Dovetale is an all-in-one database built to help you grow your business and build more meaningful relationships with creators. Find a new way to connect with your customers and save time by scaling your creative partnerships the smart way. In fact, according to HypeAuditor’s research, the Like count has a notable effect on reader behavior. They found that where users were unable to see if a post was producing good ‘engagement’ (and we put it like this because at Content Insights we look at this quite differently ), the Like count was markedly lower (15% in some regions ... I have two ways I've been attempting to solve this problem. I can use postman to post the data to my API which writes it to the database, or I can make all of the tables null in my database, but that does me no good because then nothing is entered, at least with PostMan, the data I post to the API gets entered into the database.