Igraph object

Oct 24, 2017 · The igraph package has parsers for reading in most of the general file formats for networks. Let’s load in the Karate network from Network Example Data . It’s in GML format, so we’ll need to specify that when we use read_graph() . Oct 25, 2017 · Conveniently, the tbl_graph object class is a wrapper around an igraph object, meaning that at its basis a tbl_graph object is essentially an igraph object. 8 The close link between tbl_graph and igraph objects results in two main ways to create a tbl_graph object. The first is to use an edge list and node list, using tbl_graph(). Create a new igraph object with graph_from_data_frame(). Two dataframes need to be provided - friends1_edges contains all edges in the network with attributes and friends1_nodes contains all vertices in the network with attributes. View all edges where the attribute hours is greater than or equal to 5 hours. The choice was between network and graph objects from the network and igraph correspondingly - the two most prominent packages for creating and manipulating graphs and networks in R. Interchangeability of network and graph objects One can always use them interchangeably with little effort using package intergraph.