Is flightclub legit

Dollar Flight Club is a cheap flight alert service that saves over 500,000 members hundreds of dollars on international flights. Our members fly to Australia from $400 rt, London $300 rt, and Bali $350 rt. is a travel search engine which claims to be dedicated to helping their customers find the best possible travel deals, whether you are searching by flight date or by location. Please note: Flight Club will not honor any claims once the Flight Club hang tag is removed from the shoe or if the shoes have been worn. You have 3 days to report an issue with the item(s) received from the date you received the item(s). Fraudulent Travel Clubs / Deceptive Vacation Packages / Holiday Timeshare Traps Lead Generation. Be aware that when you place your business card or name into a drawing for a free vacation, you may be added to a telemarketing call list. Apr 03, 2017 · Today’s review will be a little off topic, on the company named Flight Club. What is Flight Club? A scam or not? How can they have limited shoes that should have been sold out a long time ago? The reason for this review is because I got a mail request to take a look at them. As always, I listen to my reader’s requests. Ok, here we go!