Linux input event example

Mar 01, 2003 · One of the key aspects of the input subsystem integration into Linux is the availability of the event interface. This basically exposes the raw events to userspace through a collection of character device nodes—one character device node per logical input device. value is the value the event carries. Either a relative change for EV_REL, absolute new value for EV_ABS (joysticks ...), or 0 for EV_KEY for release, 1 for keypress and 2 for autorepeat. For guides and example code, do a web search for "linux kernel" "input subsystem". Jul 27, 2007 · Linux::Input provides a pure-perl interface to the Linux kernel's input event interface. It basically provides a uniform API for getting realtime data from all the different input devices that Linux supports. Jan 17, 2020 · Each file in Linux has a corresponding File Descriptor associated with it; The keyboard is the standard input device while your screen is the standard output device ">" is the output redirection operator. ">>" appends output to an existing file "<" is the input redirection operator ">&"re-directs output of one file to another.